100 smallholders cassava farmer trained

As part of effort to increases  food security in Nigeria. AYOSIFAM Integrated Service with grant from USAID conducted 3 days training for 100 smallholders cassava farmers in 5 different local government areas in Kwara State on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Financial Literacy/Farm Business School (FBS), Cooperative Formation and introduction to ICT with aims to increased the knowledge of the farmers on cassava farm business and better equip...

Cassava enzyme can kill cancers

Certain plants produce deadly cyanide to protect themselves from insect attack, and this poisonous system is now helping to kill cancer cells in humans. The BA Festival of Science was told yesterday about research into a "novel" anti-cancer agent from the cassava plant. Dr Mahendra Deonarain, of the department of biochemistry at Imperial College, London, described how he took the cyanide-producing system from the plant, an enzyme called...

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